Dining & Baggage Cars

Milwaukee Road Diner Car and Baggage/Dormer

Milwaukee Road Diner Car #121

Milwaukee Road Diner Car #121 & Baggage/Dormer #1313

This is a 48 seat diner with a full kitchen. This car was originally built in 1947 for the Olympian Hiawatha passenger train. In 1956, it was repainted to match the Union Pacific paint scheme, Armour Yellow, and Harbor Mist Gray. This car has since been restored to its original look including original paint scheme and wallpaper. This car now is open to our visitors.[divider]

Milwaukee Road baggage/dormer #1313

This 85 ft long car includes a baggage/mail sorting compartment and 4 crew sleeping compartments. This car was used by the porters, cooks and other crew members on the long-distance passenger trains. This car has not yet been restored and the interior is not open to the public.