Railroad Museum - Volunteers

Volunteer Vacancies

Without the hard work, dedication, and overall support from volunteers, the Railroad Museum would not be in the position it is in today.

If you have an interest in railroads, history, education, or would simply like to a provide a service to the community, the Railroad Museum is a great place to volunteer.

The museum and it’s staff members will always be open to welcoming new volunteers. The additional help and support that is gained from new volunteers cannot be measured, and for that reason it will be the museum’s priority to make any volunteer’s experience here as mutually beneficial as possible.

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities

-Scheduling: tours, meetings, speeches, special presentations

-General Office Operations: filing, organization, mail.

Fund Raising
-Financial Assistance: mailings, fundraising meetings, donations, memberships.

Tour Guides
-Provide on-site tours and information to visitors and tour groups.

-Provide informative briefings or presentations to businesses, social groups, schools and local organizations.

-Basic and advanced woodworking skills with knowledge of tools, applications and concepts.

-Spray, brush, detail, on wood, metal, and other materials.

Lawn Care
-Mowing, trimming, weeding, planting, general landscaping following the goals of the site master plan.

Metal Fabrication
-Basic and advanced shaping, construction, welding, and cutting of various types and styles of metals.

-Repair and preventative maintenance of: gasoline & diesel engines, electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical components and systems.

Display Design
-Design concept models for displays using picture story boards, audio visual media, automated display stations, animatronics, etc.

Advertising/Graphic Arts
-Design of customer flyers, fund raising mailers, signage and information boards for static displays and buildings.

Track Maintenance
-On-site Training provided within a safe and knowledgeable working environment. Must provide your own PPE (Personal Protective Gear) to include leather gloves, hard hat, steel toe boots, safety glasses, hearing protection (some ear plugs are available dependant on supply).

Project Management
-Work with people AND within the Historic Preservation Guidelines on rolling stock, buildings, large and small projects.

Information Technology – COMPUTERS
-Network systems together and troubleshoot software/hardware problems in office systems and display exhibits.

General Purpose
-Gift Shop Clerk, Admissions Gate Attendant during major events, Traffic Control, Crowd Control, Trash and Dust Control, Passenger Attendant for motor car/hayrack or other personnel conveyance, general assistance for operations.

Train Crew
-Engineer, Conductor, Switchman, Brakeman

-Maintain records and research historical information about the complex, the local & surrounding area, pieces of equipment, procedures or personnel.

-Develop, categorize, and maintain an archive of; model reference books, technical publications, historical documents, newspaper articles, audio recordings, photographs, tapes and disks,  architectural drawings, etc.

-Newsletter design and publishing, News Releases, interviews, writing articles for our web site, newsletters, blogs, etc.