Please Help, Photo’s Needed

     The writing of the nomination to list the Milwaukee Railroad Shops Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places is nearing completion. The nomination package will be submitted no later than mid-April.
      Our nomination package contains a comprehensive history of the site, as well as a look at Sioux City’s railroad history and the broader industry of steam railroad repair shops. The nomination will feature photos documenting changes in both the complex’s history and Sioux City’s railroad history. The photo’s above in the header of this blog page provide pictures of two of the 3 shifts of workers that worked at the roundhouse in the 1930’s. The center picture is a view from the top of the coal tower looking north toward the roundhouse from sometime in the 1920’s.  

      We continue to build our archives of photos illustrating the railroad industry’s relationship with our area. If you have any photos of any of the railroads in the Sioux City area and you wish to contribute to our archives, please contact us by e-mail at
     Please take a look at some of your old photo’s even personal family pictures with railroad backgrounds such as trains, shop interiors/exteriors, crossings, passenger stations and freight house interiors/exteriors. Sometimes the details in the background of a photo can hold a treasure trove of historical information.
    Thank you all for your continued help and support as we develop this wonderful museum. We could never do this with out you.