Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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  • Sat

    Touch a Truck or Train Event

    9am- 4pm3400 Sioux River Rd, Sioux City, IA 51109

    Come explore some of the coolest big vehicles in the area. We will have fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, construction equipment, military vehicles and more. Sit in the seats, blow the horns, or turn on the sirens. Climb into the cab of our Great Northern #1355 steam locomotive, Old Ironhorse, or our 45-ton switcher diesel locomotive and pretend you are the engineer or fireman. Lots of great photo opportunities so bring the camera. This is a huge hit with kids of all ages.

    This year there will be a special quiet hour from 9-10 a.m. During this quiet hour, we invite children with special needs to come and enjoy the big rigs without all the noise and the crowds.  We recognize that the noise level and crowds can make it difficult for children with special needs to enjoy this event. We hope that quiet hour will help those who are looking for the entertainment, without the noise.